“Jeanne is an excellent editor with a strong mastery of various reference styles and the rules of language and grammar. On top of that, she’s a pleasure to work with, and she is excellent at receiving feedback and then adjusting her editing accordingly. This adaptability is a critical distinction between her and other equally experienced and skilled editors. I recommend her without hesitation.”
—Sarah Bayle, Production Editor
Jones & Bartlett Learning


“I don’t know what I did before Jeanne Hansen. She goes above and beyond the call of duty on every project. She doesn’t just stick to a checklist of edits, she approaches projects with consideration and thoughtfulness, while always staying within budget and schedule. I’ve told her more than once that she ‘spins gold from straw’ because she has turned disorganized messes into high-quality products, and she’s made many suggestions that have improved the readers’ experience. If you have a project that needs editing, save yourself time and effort down the road by hiring Jeanne now.”
—Cara St. Hilaire, Senior Editor, Allied Health
Western Schools


“Jeanne is consistently reliable, punctual, thorough, and professional. Not only is Jeanne an excellent copy editor, but her knowledge of photography is truly an added bonus. She corrects problematic technical references, and she intelligently queries the author and makes suggestions . . . Jeanne really is a great find for Rocky Nook!”
—Joan Dixon, Managing Editor
Rocky Nook


“I began working with Jeanne in 2008 on the recommendation of a colleague and saw very quickly that she is a cut above the rest. Her copyediting skills, subject knowledge, and thoughtful comments and questions to authors are superb. She has quickly become one of our top editors . . . I know I can trust her to handle projects with sensitive authors and unique style preferences with ease.”
—Amanda Clerkin, Production Editor
Jones & Bartlett Learning


“Your ability to handle editing the technical aspects, finding areas that could cause reader confusion, and correcting my often errant grammar makes my books much better than they would have been otherwise. I have learned quite a bit from your editing, often studying your corrections and making adjustments to my writing . . . Thank you for your valuable service!”
Darrell Young, Author
Mastering the Nikon D600 (Rocky Nook, 2013)


“Jeanne provided our technical trade publications many years of thorough, fast and comprehensive copy-editing services. She proved consistent, dependable, detail-oriented and attentive, catching many of the errors, big and small, that plague and haunt editors and publishers. She quietly saved us from hundreds of grammatical, factual and typographical mistakes, helping our magazines preserve their integrity.”
—Jeff Sloan, Editor-in-Chief


“Jeanne [is] one of our top-string, go-to copyeditors . . . We can absolutely rely on her to code a manuscript accurately with typesetters design codes and to follow our house style, but we also seek her out for high-priority projects or manuscripts that need a heavier hand . . . Jeanne handles areas of concern effectively and efficiently, and displays superb editorial judgment.”
—Carolyn F. Rogers, Production Manager
Jones & Bartlett Learning


“It took me a year to write The Filmmaker’s Book of the Dead, and with all that work it’s important to have a great copyeditor on board. I’m pleased to have entrusted Jeanne with my manuscript and help me keep the bar high at all times. She’s a real pro, misses nothing, and offered great suggestions for improvements. If you’re writing a book and need someone with a great eye for detail, Jeanne should be on your speed dial!”
—Danny Draven, Author
The Filmmaker’s Book of the Dead (Focal Press, 2010)


“What a gift it was to discover Jeanne. After viewing her work in The Art of iPhone Photography I seized the opportunity to work with her on my new book. She has proven to be extremely good at her craft, diligent and quite thorough, doesn’t miss a beat. I highly recommend her for any writing or photography project.”
—Karen Divine, Author
A Small Amount of Courage (2014)


“You’re the best copy editor I’ve ever met (hands down) . . . I’ve appreciated more than I can express the lengths to which you’ve been willing to go to make sure everything is right . . . I’ll be happy to sing your praises to anyone who needs to hear them.”
—Mike Mussleman, Managing Editor


“Jeanne Hansen was the copy editor for the project, and her amazing attention to detail is much appreciated.”
—Lance Keimig, Author
Night Photography: Finding Your Way in the Dark (Focal Press, 2010)


“I’m thrilled with your thoroughness and the queries to the author are professional and appropriate. I also appreciate the suggested changes for clarifying sentences and I’m sure the author will too . . . Under budget AND ahead of schedule! You’ve been a dream to work with, Jeanne—thank you!”
—Dawnmarie Simpson, Senior Project Manager
Focal Press


“Thanks so much for your hard work on this [manuscript]. You made such a difference and your flexibility on the deadline really helped us . . . [The author] seems to be very happy with the results, and that’s what matters most!”
—Kris Pauls, Managing Editor
Greenleaf Book Group


“Just wanted to pass on a quick thanks from Lisa Kennedy Sheldon [author of Communication for Nurses: Talking with Patients]—she really appreciated your work on the manuscript and asked me to thank you for her. I also wanted to thank you for the catch on the permissions issue . . . editorial missed it, so I really appreciate your querying that.”
—Lisa Cerrone, Associate Production Editor
Jones and Bartlett Publishers


“Thank you so much for all of your wonderful work this year. I am so fortunate to be able to work with people whose work I trust completely!”
—Katya Scanlan, Copy Editing and Production Supervisor
Society for Human Resource Management


“I thought you did a great job on the editing and structure of my work.”
—Greg Crabtree, Author
Simple Numbers, Straight Talk, Big Profits! (Greenleaf Book Group, 2011)


“You are one of my all-time favorite copyeditors—able to follow directions, attentive to detail, on-time, not afraid to ask questions, and super friendly to boot!”
—Melinda Rankin, Project Manager
Focal Press


“Once again, you’ve done impressive work as clearly shown in your thorough style sheet, memo, and the text itself.”
—Linda O’Doughda, Editor
Greenleaf Book Group


“The [copyedited manuscript] looked great. It is in pages now and everything was well coded, so it came out nicely. The author liked your edits . . . As always, I was pleased with your work and look forward to working with you again.”
—Kate N. Stein, Associate Production Editor
Jones and Bartlett Publishers


“You did an absolutely fantastic job. We were so fortunate to have you working on our big book. Thank you so much for doing such a great job!”
—Nicki Fitz-Gerald, Co-Author
The Art of iPhone Photography (Rocky Nook, 2013)


“Thank you for doing such a wonderful job on our book! I am certain that you made Nicki and I appear a lot smarter and more literate in the editing.”
—Bob Weil, Co-Author
The Art of iPhone Photography (Rocky Nook, 2013)


“[The authors] did mention that this has been the most pleasant production experience they have ever had, and I think that is certainly due to your careful attention to the fine details of their manuscript.”
—Jill Morton, Production Assistant
Jones and Bartlett Publishers


“The . . . book you copyedited for me is finally nearly complete, and changes in pages were probably the lightest of any book I’ve worked on, which is fantastic!”
—Julia Waugaman, Production Assistant
Jones and Bartlett Publishers


“Darrell Young [author of Mastering the Nikon D7000] asked me to pass along his thanks to you. He is very happy with your work and says that you did a wonderful job finding points that might confuse readers. Thank you!”
—Jocelyn Howell, Editorial Assistant
Rocky Nook


“Please thank profusely Jeanne Hansen. She has done a fantastic job, even correcting a substantial amount of the 2nd edition material. She’s a great resource.”
—Nicholas T. Proferes, Author
Film Directing Fundamentals: See Your Film Before Shooting (Focal Press, 2008)