A Small Amount of Courage

I am thrilled to congratulate Karen Divine on the publication of her book A Small Amount of Courage. The book features Karen’s iPhone art and the inspired design of Tania Vasallo. I was lucky enough to be the… Read More

Photo.net Best of 2013

Post_PhotoNet Best of 2013_Goodreads_280 px high

Congratulations to Steve Johnson, author of The Minimalist Photographer, for making the Photo.net list of best photography books of 2013. I am proud to have been hired by his publisher, Rocky Nook, to copyedit this book. The Photo.net… Read More

Copyright Basics

Copyright is a convoluted topic with a complicated past. The mysteries and intricacies of copyright law are best left to a copyright attorney, not a mere mortal like me. (In other words, this post is not legal advice.)… Read More

Introduction to Style Guides

A style guide sounds like it belongs in the fashion industry. You might guess that it’s an annual Vogue publication that shows you the latest skirts and what colors are in style. Not to be left out, Elle… Read More

Pepper, Not People

One of the paramount reasons to hire a good editor is to save you from yourself. There’s rarely such a thing as a perfect book, and readers don’t seem to mind if a typo or two slips by…. Read More