A Small Amount of Courage

I am thrilled to congratulate Karen Divine on the publication of her book A Small Amount of Courage. The book features Karen’s iPhone art and the inspired design of Tania Vasallo. I was lucky enough to be the editor and publishing consultant for the project.

In her book, Karen says, “As an artist, tapping into your own creative spirit is, first and foremost, a matter of developing awareness. This inner awareness allows you to quiet the senses and allows the unconscious to reveal rich imagery.” Karen used the I Ching as the starting point for each of her images, and her creative process flowed through her meditations, yoga practice, and inspiration from Rainer Maria Rilke’s Letters to a Young Poet. The result is 64 images, each accompanied by a short verse, that offer profound insights into the most basic human experiences—those you are more likely to see in the mirror than on the news.

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Karen is an internationally recognized artist with more than a dozen prestigious awards for her iPhone art. After one glance at her work, it’s easy to see why. Each image is a composite of many bits and pieces that Karen captured from her everyday life, then she combined them in a delicate balance of colors and lines. The images are whimsical with a touch of melancholy and offer much for the eye to explore. The accompanying verses express Karen’s interpretation of the images and leave you with much to consider.

A Small Amount of Courage is a masterwork that belongs on the bookshelf of all who appreciate art and how it can inspire self-realization.

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  1. iPhone photography is new to me the last two years. I haven’t felt so excited about photography since starting it, decades ago. Looking forward to learning so much more. Thank you for the book.

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