dreamstime_s_44463858Welcome to my website, your one-stop resource for editorial services.

Editing is a collaborative endeavor. I don’t believe in dictating to clients or beating them over the head with rules. The point of writing is to communicate with an audience, and the point of editing is to help authors make their writing as effective as possible. It is therefore essential that authors, production staff members, and editors cooperate so each can understand what the other is trying to accomplish.

I always respect the author’s voice and subject matter expertise, and I explain why I think a certain approach is best. Because I’m usually not the final stop in the publication pipeline, I look out for possible snags and alert you of anything that requires extra attention or could pose a problem later.

For publishers, books and magazines are products and publishing is their business, so I stay on schedule and within budget. For businesses and associations, written material communicates corporate goals and strategies, so I draw on my solid business background to guide my work. For authors, writing is often a labor of love, so I honor the personal nature of the work and tailor my approach as needed.

Whether you are a seasoned veteran or are dipping your toes in the publishing waters for the first time, I will listen to you and customize my approach to meet your needs.

Editorial Approach

Authors write to convey information to readers. My job is to make their writing as effective and clear as possible. I put myself in the readers’ shoes and ask the questions they might ask—from organizing the overall structure to clarifying contradictory or confusing passages. Depending on the project parameters, I either make suggested changes and query the author for approval, or I simply explain the problem and make suggestions for improvements. My queries are always thorough, easy to understand, and polite. I’m not afraid to ask questions and nudge an author to step outside his or her comfort zone, but I understand that ultimately the writing belongs to the author, and I never insist on having my way. I’m a collaborative editor, not a brow beater.

I use various industry-standard style manuals—including The Chicago Manual of Style, the AMA Manual of Style, the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, and The Associated Press Stylebook—and readily adapt to house style or authors’ preferences. I always develop a thorough project style sheet and watch for potential permissions and copyright issues.

Normally I edit with Track Changes in Microsoft Word, but occasionally I edit on hard copy. I also proofread PDF files with comments and other markup.

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I look forward to exploring how we can work together to make your project the best it can be.